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Spiritual Advisor

Transform Your Life with Grace

Psychic Medium | Channel | Medical Intuitive
Master Energy Healer | Mystic | Prophet

Mindfulness, Meditation and Spiritual Teacher




Grace understands the multifaceted approach to helping people deal with and heal from trauma from both therapeutic and coaching perspectives. Furthermore, she demonstrates an ability to develop and curate panel discussions hosted by diverse multidisciplinary scholars and practitioners from sociological and psychological arenas along with allied mental healthcare professions.

Dr. Jordan Schaul

Scientist/Publicist, Wildlife Conservation, Relational Psychology, Organizational Behavior

I recently participated in a panel discussion led by Grace. She masterfully led this panel of professionals from diverse areas on the topic of  “Pathways to Leaving a Narcissist”.


Grace organized and facilitated the panel.  This project brought rich experiences and suggestions to participants who were experiencing similar issues. 


I have found Grace to be an eloquent, personable, kind, empathetic, industrious and community-minded person. She strives to improve everything that she touches. The world would be a much better place if it only had more people like Grace.


Steven J. Kaplan, Esq.

Grace was a pleasure to have at the helm of our Narcissistic Abuse educational  event. She guided our multi-practitioner panel with grace, sensitivity and professionalism allowing for a safe space in which a difficult topic could be explored by the professionals and the audience. 
Laura M. Taylor, MA, LMFT

Grace has the amazing ability to get to the heart of any issue people are going through. She has helped me personally with some major life changes and the process has been transformative in a positive way. Grace shines out the most beautiful Light from her Soul and she is very easy to talk to. She exudes compassion and kindness and listens intently. These, in my opinion, are all keys when it comes to working with an awesome spiritual advisor.

Keidi Keating

Author, The Light books

Founder, Your Book Angel

Grace is a perfect example of a spiritual and compassionate meditation leader and business leader who came and led a meditation with all of our clients at Pearl of the Sea Retreat. Grace has a way of connecting with people and especially those suffering or in need. She has my highest recommendation.

Matthew Roberts, CRPS
Group Facilitator, Pearl of the Sea Retreat

Grace did an outstanding job for us and represented us so eloquently at the FL Tourism Symposium. I will definitely be using her speaking services again for large presentations.

Douglas McLain, Sr. Vice President, Global Sales

Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Grace is a confident and articulate public speaker. When I was recently asked to give a presentation at a meeting, I asked Grace to be my co-host, and she performed admirably.

Dr. Thomas C. Hilton, M.D., FACC

Cardiologist, Baptist Heart Specialists Beaches

I have known Grace since my time as an FBI Special Agent in the Jacksonville office. On my departure from the FBI in 1988, I operated a high-line investigative operation. Grace worked with me, another investigator and my father, Dale Carson, former Sheriff of Duval County. Her character is impeccable. She was well thought of by her co-workers at the FBI. For my part, and I would speak for my entire organization, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Grace for any position of trust and confidence.

Dale C. Carson, Attorney

Former FBI Agent and Private Investigator

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