Bring Grace to Your Life

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

There are eight dimensions of a human being's life that work most efficiently as a system, where each area must be optimized for the person to operate in an environment of homeostasis, of balance, of freedom and peace within.  The eight dimensions are:

  1. Mental/Emotional

  2. Physical

  3. Spiritual

  4. Social

  5. Environmental

  6. Educational

  7. Financial

  8. Occupational

My philosophy is such that

  • We cannot fix one aspect of a human being and expect them to be whole. The same can be said about systems within communities, cities, states, countries, the world, and the universe(s). Everything is interconnected in one way, shape or form. Everything.

  • Each person is unique, created very differently from one another; each having their own set of needs and wants in order to create a lifestyle that suits them accordingly.

  • I meet you where you're at in your life journey.

Mindfulness practice

Improving brain function, mental and physical health to achieve peak performance.  Mindfulness practice is also part and parcel to spiritual growth.


Affirming the

Essence of Life

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cancer advocacy

Working to create a better environment for prevention, healing, and wellness.