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2024 Events and Projects

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Spiritualist church of awareness

sun., May 12, 2024

A heartfelt Happy Mother's Day Greeting of Love, Joy and Contentment to all mothers and to all who nourish and nurture life in, with, for and through others. This Mother's Day, I will speak on the topic of Motherhood: a Spiritual Perspective.

Healing services promptly begins at 10:30A and service starts at 11:00A.

The Spiritualist Church of Awareness
3210 N Chickasaw Trail
Winter Park, FL 32792.

Grace De La Rosa _Speaker_SCOA_ Post.png
Day of Healing

Healings and

Psychic Medium Readings.


(4th) Saturday

Every Other Month beginning on January


SAT., MAY 25, 2024

11:00a - 4:00p


"Healing with Grace." No appointments - first come, first serve. Readings or Healing Sessions at a nominal cost of $20 for 30 minutes(*), 2 sessions $38, 3 sessions $56.


(*) One 30 Minute session is a 25 minute Session, with 5 minutes for Reader/Healer to reset for next client. 



Cosmic Church of Truth, 1637 Hamilton St., Jacksonville, FL.

CCOT_Day of Healing.png
Thurs., May 30, 2024

Living with Grace, LLC and Tune-In 2 Wellness have partnered up and invite you to our first annual Spiritual Connection Party on Thurs., May 30, 2024 from 6:00P-8:00P at the Tranquil Flame Studio, 3061 Brickhouse Drive., Suite 102, Virginia Beach, VA.

Meditation. Spiritual Talk. Group Spiritual Readings. Journaling.

Cost: $25 in advance. $30 on day of event and cash at door.

To Register: Call (904) 386-3634 or send an email with Subject Line: Spiritual Connection Party. A payment link will be sent to you. 

Spiritual Connection Party (2).png

If you enjoy music from the 1960’s and 1970s, you’re probably a Wandering Hippie and this event was created just for you! The first annual Groove Fest is from April 27-28, 2024 at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center. I’ll be presenting on Holistic Wellness, Spirituality, Meditation and Healing. For those of you interested, below is my schedule:


3:00P: Mindful Moments: A Meditation Workshop for All Levels. Dive into a serene experience with a one-hour Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop facilitated by Grace De La Rosa, Holistic Wellness Consultant, Educator, Spiritual Advisor and CEO/Founder of Living with Grace, LLC. Perfect for beginners, this session offers a gentle introduction to the healing powers of mindfulness and guided meditation. Discover how simple techniques can transform stress into peace and enhance your daily life with tranquility and spiritual awareness. Join us to start your journey towards a more centered self. To learn more about Grace De La Rosa, visit her website at

5:00P: Harmonize Your Spirit: Discover the Power of Spiritual Healing and Connection
Join Grace De La Rosa, Holistic Wellness Consultant, Educator, Spiritual Advisor and CEO/Founder of Living with Grace, LLC and Holistic Wellness Consultantfor an enlightening one-hour seminar on Spiritual Healing and covers techniques meditation, reiki or energy healing, and introduces the profound practices of psychic mediumship and channeling. Discover how these diverse approaches can help clear energy blockages, foster deep spiritual connections, and guide you towards mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. This session is perfect for anyone interested in enhancing their understanding and practice of spiritual healing and connection. To learn more about Grace De La Rosa, visit her website at


12:00P: Pathways to Wholeness: Embracing Holistic Wellness
This seminar, facilitated by Grace De La Rosa, Holistic Wellness Consultant, Educator, Spiritual Advisor and CEO/Founder of Living with Grace, LLC. is designed to introduce you to a lifestyle of holistic health and well-being. Explore various practices that promote the connection of body+mind+soul, and discover how to integrate these into your daily life for a better, healthier quality of life. To learn more about Grace De La Rosa, visit her website at
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Healing with grace
Group energy Healing
and meditation

🌹 Nurture Your Well-Being through Healing with Grace🌹 Join us each month to release anxieties, worries and trauma-induced energy blocks; reset your nervous system; and recover from stress as we harmonize body, mind, and soul through energy healing and meditation. Experience the transformative power of our community the First Tuesday of Each Month from 11:00A - 12:00P EST. $15 per month for General Public * $10 per month for Members of Healing with Grace * $5 per month for Military Service Members, Military Veterans, First Responders, Seniors 55+ and Students, If you cannot afford the cost, please contact us and we’ll find a way to arrange for your participation.

To Register: Please send an email with Subject Line: Healing with Grace. A payment link will be sent to you. Once payment is received, you will receive a Zoom link prior to the start of the healing session. You must register no later than 24 hours prior to healing session.  Schedule subject to change without notice. Check here for updates.

Finally, if you are interested in attending a LIVE Healing with Grace group circle and you are in the Jacksonville, FL or surrounding area, or if you would like to start a circle in your area, please feel free to send an email with your inquiry. Thank you.

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cosmic church of truth Psychic fayre fundraiser
CCOT_Psychic Fayre_2024_FB_IG.png

Come out, say hello and receive a reading from Grace at the Psychic Fayre Fundraiser held on the 2nd Saturday of Each Month from 11a-4p at the Cosmic Church of Truth, 1637 Hamilton St., Jacksonville, FL. Arrive early! No appointments. First come, first serve for a nominal cost of $20 for 25 min.


Don't let the year fool you! This Summit is full of timeless insights and wisdom and is available in perpetuity. I am honored to be a featured speaker at this very special event. Join us for the Summit of Light 2023, a massive, multidisciplinary conversation on light, love and world transformation. Exclusive talks from over 40 leading figures in spirituality, leadership, business, natural medicine and conscious living.

Register before June 16th, 2023 and Save 55% on an All-Access Pass.

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