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Sounds of Grace

Piano Music for
Meditation, Relaxation and Healing

Grace De La Rosa is an Improv Pianist and provides soothing, relaxing and healing sounds for gatherings, healing ceremonies, parties and events. Improv piano is music played completely spontaneous, unplanned and unrehearsed. For this reason, she does not take requests nor repeat any song.  Grace allows her thoughts, feelings, emotions and the Spirit of God--the Divine Universal Energy, Chi--to move her in the moment. Please call (904) 386-3634 for rates and availability.

Music heals. Its unique combination of Vibrational Frequencies activate or deactivate various electrical zones within our nervous system and release a customized blend of hormones that decrease one’s resting heart rate, blood pressure and other physiological effects of stress and buried trauma. Watch how an Alzheimer’s patient responds to music. They seem to forget that they aren’t supposed to remember. Our bodies can heal themselves. Naturally.

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