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Transformation Through Mindfulness


Grace De La Rosa



Grace De La Rosa is the CEO and Founder of Living with Grace, LLC and serves as a Holistic Wellness Consultant, Spiritual Advisor, Public Speaker, Educator and Philosopher in Jacksonville, FL.  She provides Holistic Wellness, Mindfulness, Meditation and Spiritual teachings through speaking engagements, presentations, seminars, panel discussions, workshops, breakout sessions, retreats and private sessions. She also provides Psychic Evidential Mediumship readings, Energy Healings and Medical Intuitive Scans.

Grace graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and TV Broadcasting with a minor in Psychology from the University of North 
Florida. She has over 35 years of experience and extensive self-studies in the health, wellness and fitness industry as a former AFAA-certified group fitness instructor, professional fitness and swimwear model, contributing fitness magazine writer and NPC fitness and bikini competitor.


She is trained in a variety of mental health and wellness techniques including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), eCPR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Polyvagal Informed Somatic Technique. She also provides professional content as a TV/Video/Radio Spokesperson, VoiceOver (VO) Talent and Pianist.  Check out Grace's Demo Reel as a commercial and corporate training spokesperson and listen to her Voiceover Demo. Some of her past clients include Homeland Security, IRS, JEA, the Department of Labor and Energy, Walt Disney World, Comcast and the United Way of Northeast FL. She is also a former AFAA-certified group fitness instructor and NPC fitness competitor.

Grace's white-light, spiritual awakening experience was so powerful and profound that she considered leaving everyday life to live a monastic life as a Zen Buddhist monk. She was blessed with the experience of transitioning through the process of death as part of her spiritual awakening to share with the living. Given her Divinely blessed mystical gifts, including the ability to communicate within and throughout the Spiritual Dimension, she chose to embrace her spiritual gifts in Love and Light as a Spiritual Advisor to help others awaken from who they think they are to who they are meant to be, to learn the Truth of Eternal Life Everlasting.

As a survivor, thriver and expert by experience of Stage 3(c) colon cancer, childhood trauma, molestation, rape, domestic abuse, suicide and PTSD, the after-effects of chemo and multiple surgeries as well as other life-challenging dynamics, she is an active steward of the community and a strong advocate for holistic wellness education, mental health, non-violence, alternative and integrative wellcare options, and local, state and national systemic transformations--from education, technology, healthcare and politics to big business, social services, religion and justice.




  • Chapter President, Jacksonville Beaches, Holistic Chamber of Commerce (Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach)

  • Candidate, Duval County Public School Board District 2, 2022 Election

  • Advisory Council Member, The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC),  2019-Present

  • Founding Chairperson,
    First Coast Recovery Advocates (FCRA) (RCO), 2019-2020

  • Volunteer, Forensic Peer Work Group, Dept. of Children and Families, 2020-Present

  • Volunteer, Families of Slain Children, Inc. (FOSCI)

  • Member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice (CSSJ), 2020-Present

  • Member, Northeast Florida Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NEFCADA), 2019-2020

  • Member, World Affairs Council of Jacksonville, 2019-2020

  • Member, Jaguar Car Club of North Florida

  • Member, Taoist Tai Chi Society


How I love spending my time...

I was born in Virginia and grew up in Atlantic Beach, FL--the eldest of four in a family where my parents are still happily married after 57 years. My ethnic background is diverse: Filipina, Spanish, Hawaiian, Chinese, Norwegian, English and Sub-Saharan African. I'm a proud U.S. citizen and Born-Into the military lifestyle. My father retired from the Navy as an MS-1 Cook. My former spouse was a Navy F/A-18 Hornet Strikefighter jet pilot (think Blue Angels) and a P-3 pilot.

I strive for joyful learning and living by practicing a spiritual life of Mindful Living and am willing to step outside of my comfort zone. I've experienced piloting a plane, snow skiing, scuba divingskydiving, paintball wars, and traveling. I like to soak in the culture's history of traditions, arts, architecture and daily lifestyle--eating and sleeping as the locals do.

I enjoy the arts (e.g. music/theatre/live entertainment, museums, paintings, photos, architecture), literature, and botanical gardens. I'm a beach girl at heart and I so appreciate in-tact seashells. Anything related to the sun, clouds, moon, stars, rainbows and other skyscapes capture my attention. My favorite splashes of color are bright citrus orange, turqoise blue and gold. A few of my favorite scents are from flowers such as magnolia, rose, gardenia, peony, plumeria, honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossoms; aromatic wafts of food cooking in the kitchen; the ionic shift just before rainfall; and the scent of a freshly mowed lawn.

I am a voracious researcher, quick learner, and a lover of life experiences. My interests include health, wellness and spirituality on an individual, community and global scale to include *Social Services, Justice & Equanimity; Leadership; Cultural Diversity; Global Cohesiveness and CommUNITY; Childhood Trauma & Domestic Abuse/Neglect; Suicide Prevention; Giftedness; Extrasensory perception (ESP), Psi or psychic abilities (we all have them) and Mediumship; Homelessness; Corrections; Mental Health; Addiction (alcohol; substances; sex, food, money, etc.); Colon Cancer; Education; Policy Reformation; Feminism/Women's Empowerment; Communication; Communications; the Media; Psychology, Spirituality; Alternative Health and WellCare Options; Neuroscience; Philosophy; Astrophysics; Quantum Physics; Cosmology; Consciousness and the Collective Consciousness; Biology; Science; Semiosis; Audiology; Multi-Dimensionality; Biodiversity; and the Ethical and Moral Implications of Super Artificial Intelligence (AI).

I've traveled and lived around the world, including the Philippines, Japan, Spain, Guam, California, Australia and Greece--where I left my heart in Oia-Santorini. I have two adult children. After having moved from South Carolina, Hawaii and Maryland, I'm happy to be back home in Jacksonville, FL.


I have known Grace since my time as an FBI Special Agent in the Jacksonville office. On my departure from the FBI in 1988, I operated a high-line investigative operation. Grace worked with me, another investigator and my father, Dale Carson, former Sheriff of Duval County. Her character is impeccable. She was well thought of by her co-workers at the FBI. For my part, and I would speak for my entire organization, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Grace for any position of trust and confidence.

Dale C. Carson, Esquire

Former FBI Agent and Private Investigator

Grace has the amazing ability to get to the heart of any issue people are going through. She has helped me personally with some major life changes and the process has been transformative in a positive way. Grace shines out the most beautiful Light from her Soul and she is very easy to talk to. She exudes compassion and kindness and listens intently. These, in my opinion, are all keys when it comes to working with an awesome coach.

Keidi Keating
Author, The Light books
Founder, Your Book Angel

Grace is a perfect example of a spiritual and compassionate meditation leader and business leader who came and led a meditation with all of our clients last year at Pearl of the Sea Retreat. Grace has a way of connecting with people and especially those suffering or in need. She has my highest recommendation.

Matthew Roberts
Group Facilitator, CRPS
Pearl of the Sea Retreat

I have had three readings from Grace. During one of my readings Grace brought forward my son that I had lost due to a miscarriage. I was not able to know my son on Earth, but Grace gave me a glimpse of the person he would have been, and gave me reassurance that he is around me every day. I am so thankful for the love and compassion Grace showed during my emotional reading! She is an amazing medium. Every loved one of mine that she connected with was spot on. Thank you Grace for delivering messages I never knew I would be able to receive. It was such a beautiful gift!


Stephanie Isnardy

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