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Transform Your Mind With Grace

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is recognizing your thoughts in each moment without judgment and coming back into the present moment.  It is an awareness of  the totality of your surroundings and the inherent beauty and worth of each person, place or thing. 

We do this through the practice of Mindfulness and Meditation.

Why Mindfulness?

You're conscientious of your diet and you work your body hard, but how often do you think about the fitness of your mind, especially at a time when mental health challenges, including stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD are front, center and on the rise?


We can certainly recognize our state of consciousness through our actions and inactions. Thoughts and words are things. So too are emotions. They color your world, and it shows through all that you do and don't do. And when your thoughts and emotions are in alignment with your values, you will find yourself at peace, no matter the challenges. Freedom.

Health is more than just a lack of dis-Ease or illness. Rather, it is a balance of the whole (holistic) person's human experience--mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, occupational, financial, social and environmental--that determines one's overall wellness. 


Business Team

From one executive to another, Grace can relate to much of your daily stressors at hand. We're all so busy caring for our team, clients, customers, patients, congregation and families that it's easy to forget to give ourselves the very care we provide to others. Let her show you how mindfulness can change your life--your health and wellbeing--for the better.  When you change yourself, you change the world.

Organizations and Groups

Business Meeting

Successful organizations have successful employees. Mindfulness training improves not only the individual, but group dynamics and culture, resulting in better qualitative processes and metrics. Some of the benefits may include...

  • Increased consciencious inter/intrapersonal communications

  • Increased overall effectiveness and productivity levels

  • Increased personal growth

  • Increased morale

  • Increased group cohesiveness

  • Decreased sick time

  • Better conflict resolution skills

Also, ask Grace how she can help you create mindful support groups, team-building and programs within your organization, or assist in the production of a retreat or speaking event.


Meditation Class

If you're like many, you exercise daily and watch what you eat to maintain your physical appearance and health. But what are you doing for your mind and why is this important to your well-being? Think of mindfulness as training for the brain...because your body is nothing without your mind. Grace's diverse background has prepared her to help you in a variety of ways...from losing weight to improving your spiritual practice and Divine connection, to communicating better with your loved ones. 

Meditate with Grace

Meditation with healing background music

Brain Entrainment with Grace. Improv Piano by Grace.

Grace De La Rosa_3 min meditation_piano by Grace De La Rosa_2023.04.23Grace De La Rosa - Meditation Guide and Improv Pianist
00:00 / 03:01

Meditation without background music

Brain Entrainment with Grace:  Without Background Music

Grace De La Rosa_3 min meditation vo_2023.04.23Grace De La Rosa - Meditation Guide and Improv Pianist
00:00 / 03:03

Words of Affirmation

Brain Entrainment with Grace

I AM WORDS OF AFFIRMATION_5 Minutes_Brain Entrainment_Healing_Grace De La RosaGrace De La Rosa - Words of Affirmation
00:00 / 05:02
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