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Grace De La Rosa

2022 Political Candidate

Duval County School Board, District 2

(Beaches to Kernan Blvd)


You want change?  Choose Grace!

  • YES to Prayer Back in School

  • YES to Cursive Writing

  • YES to Vocational Education

  • YES to Creativity (Arts, Music, Movie/Theatre Production, etc.)

  • YES to Better Health, Wellness & Nutrition

  • YES to Choice

  • YES to Budget Review and Reallocation of Funding

  • NO to CRT

  • NO to Mask and Vax Mandates

  • NO to Vax Passports

  • NO to Tax Increases

Carpentry Class
Carpentry Class


To empower students, parents and teachers by creating improvements within the Duval County School system through appropriate changes in policies and procedures.



To provide all students the necessary tools to live an autonomous, financially independent life through the use of creative and critical thinking skills.

Teacher and Pupil
Go Vote Flyers


Here are three ways to show your support:

1.  Sign the Petition to get my name on the Aug. 23, 2022 Ballot for School Board District 2.  Type in "Grace" and select my full name, Grace De La Rosa, when it pops up.

2.  Host a Get to Know Grace De La Rosa event at your place of home or business and ask attendees to Sign My Petition.

3.  Contribute to my campaign at

Contact Me

  • Facebook-Blue


Mail:  3948 S. 3rd St., #26, Jacksonville, FL 32250

Officially Withdrew from political campaign effective April 1, 2022.  Thank you for your support!

Logo_Grace for School Board.png

Paid for by Grace De La Rosa, non-partisan, for Duval County School Board

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